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Anastasia AN

May 23, 2018

Spirit Thunder Martini on the Rocks x Walking DS/RHR Muy Bonita of Arenosa

Photo by Olivia Danielle Photography

Photos courtesy of Anivia Equine

Photo by Breanne Creager



This lovely, petite filly is the epitome of beauty and movement!

  • 2022 AMHR Nationals, Aged Mare, Over 30-32, Top Three
  • 2022 AMHR Nationals, Solid Color Mare, Top Ten (9th)
  • 2022 AMHR Nationals, Amateur Halter Sr Mare, Under, Top Ten (7th)
  • 2022 AMHR Reserve Grand Champion Senior Mare
  • 2022 AMHR Liberty, Multi-champion
  • 2022 AMHR Senior Mare, 32″ and Under, Champion
  • 2021 AMHR Senior Mares, over 30”- 32”, Champion
  • 2021 AMHR Nationals Youth Halter Sr Mare, 13-17, Top 5
  • 2021 AMRR Nationals Adult Cool Halter Mare/Gelding 38” & under, 9th
  • 2021 AMHR Nationals Mare Jackpot Halter, Under, Top 10
  • 2021 AMHR Nationals Mare, 3 & Older, Over 30”-32”, 3rd
  • 2019 AMHR Nationals, Cool 38 and Under, 4th
  • 2019 AMHR Nationals, Yearling Mares, 30 and Under, Top 3
  • 2019 AMHR Reserve Grand Champion Mare, Under
  • 2019 AMHR Yearling Mare, Reserve Champion, 32 and Under


Alba Hurst’s Sunday Best

April 23, 2017

LM Idols Poco De Oro Sun Hawk x Winsomes Pick Me Best

Sunday Best
Photo by Olivia Danielle Photography
Photo by Alba Hurst

A lovely 2017 bay pinto filly by our Billy Idol son, Sun Hawk, and out of our stunning past show mare, Winsome’s Pick Me Best, Sunday Best has stolen the hearts of all of us here at Alba Hurst. Lovingly nick-named Sugar Pie, this little beauty will be a show stopper.

  • 2022 AMHR Nationals Open Country Pleasure Driving, Over 30-32″, Top Ten (7th)
  • 2022 AMHR Nationals Country Pleasure Driving Mares, 34″ and Under, Top 5 (4th)
  • 2022 AMHR Country Pleasure Driving Mare, Multi- Reserve Champion
  • 2022 AMHR Country Pleasure Stakes, 34″ and Under, Grand and Multi-Reserve Grand Champion
  • 2019 AMHR Amateur Halter Mare, Under, Reserve Champion


Alba Hursts Whisper in the Wind

July 28, 2014

Dakotas Lille Guten x Riverdances Wind in the Willow

Photos by CKG

Whisper in the Wind

Whisper in the Wind2

This tiny, refined beauty is not only colorful, she is also quite classy!  Whisper has inherited stunning color, icy blue eyes, a beautifully chiseled head, long neck, and a delightful disposition.  She has been shown in halter by both adult and youth and is a part of our Equine Therapy program. 

Whisper’s impressive pedigree includes Gold Melody Boy and Little Kings Santana Supreme.

  • 2018 AMHR Nationals, Mare, 3 and older, 28” and Under, 3rd
  • 2018 AMHA Aged Mare 3 Years Old and Older, Multiple Champion
  • 2017 AMHA Senior Mares Over 28-30, Multiple Reserve Grand Champion Senior Mare
  • 2017 AMHA Senior Mares Over 28-30, Grand Champion Senior Mare
  • 2017 AMHA Multi-Color Mares, Champion


Alba Hursts Luna

June 3, 2012

LM Idols Poco De Oro Sun Hawk x Lucky Four Rebelchase Miss America



Luna IMG_0181resized

Luna IMG_0121resized
Photos by CKG

Here she is – a beautiful, long-legged mare by our Billy Idol son, Sun Hawk, and out of our Lucky Four mare, Brandi!  Luna possesses all the strengths we look for in a show horse and for our select breeding program.

  • 2013 AMHA AOTE Exhibiting Jr Mare, Level 2, Multiple Champion
  • 2013 AMHA Yearling Mares Over 30-32, Multiple Champion


Winsome’s Pick Me Best

June 8, 2012

Winsome Monarchs Best Foot Forward x Liberty Odessey Alexus


Chanel left side 4 072412_crop
Photo courtesy Winsome, etc

Photo by Alba Hurst

Windsome IMG_9862resized

Windsome IMG_9801resized

Windsome IMG_9819resized
Photos courtesy of CKG

We are extremely honored to have this gorgeous mare at Alba Hurst!  Chanel is an outstanding, elegant mare with an impeccable pedigree.

  • 2013 AMHA Amateur Mares, Level 2, Grand Champion
  • 2013 AMHA Amateur Mares, Level 2, Reserve Grand Champion
  • 2013 AMHA Adult SN with Mare, Multiple Champion
  • 2013 AMHA Yearling Mares Over 30-32, Multiple Champion
  • 2013 AMHA Youth Mare 7 and Under, Champion


Winsome’s Remember I Gotta Be Me

May 5, 2012

Fallen Ash Scouts Red To Remember x Marks Sips Royal N Golden

Photo courtesy of Winsome, etc.

Red Mia IMG_0062resizedRed Mia IMG_0086resized

Red Mia IMG_0109resized
Photos courtesy CKG

Mia exhibits a perfect blend of power and femininity, and is a tremendous asset to our breeding program. This beautiful sorrel mare is a mover and will undoubtedly pass on this trait to her foals.

  • 2013 AMHA Adult SN with Mare, World Champion
  • 2013 AMHA Adult SN with Mare, Multiple Champion
  • 2013 AMHA Amateur Jr Mares, Level 2, Multiple Reserve Champion
  • 2013 AMHA Yearling Mares Over 30-32, Champion
  • 2013 AMHA Liberty, Multiple Champion


Winsome Believes In The Best

May 12, 2010

Winsome Monarchs Best Foot Forward x ERL Spectacular Resolution


Photos by CKG

Brie is an exquisite dark bay pinto mare with impeccable conformation, striking color and pattern, and extreme refinement!  These attributes have come by no mistake — reflect upon her World Class Champion pedigree, including such greats as Glenns General Patton, Sierra Dawn Uno De Mayo, Shadow Oaks Paul Bunyan, and Brewers Orion Legacy, and you will certainly see why she is so elegant!  We are honored to have this stunning mare as a part of our select herd!

  • 2011 AMHR Nationals, Jr Mares Over 30″- 32″, Top Ten (6th)
  • 2011 AMHA Junior Mare, Reserve Grand Champion
  • 2011 AMHA Amateur Mare, Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion
  • 2011 AMHA Amateur Junior Mare, Level 2, Over 30″-33″,   Multi-Champion
  • 2011 AMHA Yearling Mare, Over 30″-32″,   Multi-Champion
  • 2011 AMHA Adult SN Showing A Mare,  Multi-Champion
  • 2011 AMHA Multi-Color Mares,  Multi-Champion


Firewaters Booya

April 29, 2010

Im Cotton’s Lil Painted Pony x Magics Precious Patty



Photos by CKG

Photo by Casey McBride


A stunning true black mare, Booya is the epitome of balance, refinement, and movement!   Accentuated by her large eye, Booya’s beautiful sculpted araby head sets gracefully upon her naturally long, hooky neck which comes perfectly out of a laid back shoulder, creating a very upright appearance.  Her delicate, tippy ears are most extreme and quite animated.  This mare possesses all the inherent qualities of a National and World caliber show horse! 

    • 2011 AMHR Nationals, Jr Mares, Over 30″ – 32″, Top Three (3rd)
    • 2011 AMHR  Mare, Yearling  32″ and Under – Champion
    • 2011 AMHR Mare Junior Champion and Reserve Junior Champion
    • 2011 AMHR Mare Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion


Riverdances Wind In The Willow

April 6, 2007

Marystown Windchaser x Century Farms Simply Stunning

Photo by CKG


Photo by Little House Photography

Striking color, beautiful conformation, and breathtaking movement are perfect discriptors for this stunning mare!  Willow is a joy to watch float across the pasture, tail poised high in the air, her lovely, sculpted head moving freely from side to side, and her icy blue eyes sparkling with excitement!  She will be a great asset to our breeding program, passing on her beauty and grace!

    • 2009 AMHA Reserve World Champion, SN Showing Mare or Gelding
    • 2009 AMHA World Futurity, Two Yr Old Mares Over 31-33″, Top Ten
    • 2009 AMHA World, AOTE Jr Mares, Level 1, Top Ten
    • 2009 AMHA Central Championships, Amateur Jr Mare, Level 1, over 30″-33″, Champion
    • 2009 AMHA Central Championships, SN Showing Mare or Gelding, Champion
    • 2009 AMHA Central Championships, AOTE Jr Mare, Reserve Champion
    • 2009 AMHA Central Championships, Multi-Color Mares, Top Three
    • 2009 AMHA Central Championships, Liberty, Top Ten
    • 2009 AMHA Multi Champion
    • 2008 AMHA World Top 10
    • 2008 AMHA Multi-Grand Champion


Lil Bit O Country Peppermint Candy

May 6, 2004

Vermilyea Farms Echos Infiniti x Mini Hoofs Peppermint Twist

Photo by aspiring photographer, Ethan Gustafson, our young grandson who loves the horses!

Candy is one of those special mares that comes along once in a lifetime.  Not only a talented, champion driving horse, Candy possesses amazing gentleness, compassion, and intelligence!

      • 2021 AMHR Nationals Amateur Golden Age Showmanship, Under, Top 10
      • 2007 AMHA Amateur CP Driving, Level 1, Champion (Leased and shown by Sue Elniff, Lil Bit O Country Miniatures)
      • 2005 AMHA Central Championship, SN Showmanship, Reserve Champion
      • 2005 AMHA Central Championship, SN Showing a Mare or Gelding, Reserve Champion
      • 2005 AMHA Central Champion Amateur Jr Mare, Level 1, Top 10


Brewers Summer Star Supreme

May 13, 2001

Brewers Classic Supreme x Brewers Classic Cara


Photos by CKG

Blondie is a beautiful, gentle-natured mare with a lovely, large eye and small, araby head.   Her pedigree includes National Champions and National Grand Champion horses from the Brewer’s historical breeding program, therefore, her natural beauty is by no mistake!  


Alba Hurst Miniature Horse Ranch does not condone the use of surgical or invasive procedures to enhance conformation.